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A man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.  Proverbs 17:27

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The curriculum used by G.C.A. is the Biblically-based School of Tomorrow program. Teachers focus on individualization and mastery learning with each child advancing in the subject material at his/her own speed. The academically-gifted student does not suffer from boredom while waiting for the more challenged student, and the student needing additional assistance receives the needed help. All instruction in reading is based on the phonics method. The Bible is taught daily, and students are required to memorize Scripture portions.


A child who transfers from any school will not automatically be placed in the same or next grade. Progress through school depends upon what has been learned (the student's level of achievement). Testing will be used to determine the appropriate grade level for each child. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (N.A.E.P.) recently found that only 28 percent of fourth graders were reading at a proficient level (4th grade level) and that only 21 percent of eighth graders were proficient at math. The test further showed that only 14 percent of high school seniors were performing proficiently. We expect for each child to be proficient at his/her grade level in all subjects before moving on to the next grade. Remedial work will be available for those who are not performing at grade level.


GraceChristianAcademy is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and by School of Tomorrow. Both of these organizations have been recognized by the Georgia Department of Education. GAC has the approval of the academic affairs office of the university system of Georgia for admission of students into state universities. GAC is also recognized by the Georgia Student Finance Commission and the HOPE scholarship program.


Grades are reported on a nine-week schedule. Parent conferences may be scheduled at that time and at other appropriate times to keep parents informed of student's progress. Parent involvement is an expected part of the program. Parents and students are required to attend the Parent Teacher Fellowships. Students who do not attend a P.T.F. along with a parent will not be allowed to return to the classroom until the parent meets with the Principal.

Learning Center students will be placed on Academic restriction when they have not met academic requirements. The High School Grading scale for transcript purposes is as follows:



A. Each student of high school age will be prescribed an Academic Projection Towards Graduation. Such Projection shall be drawn up at the time of the student's entering high school, or at the time of enrollment, if the student has already attained high school age or rank academically. The Projection will be upgraded on a regular basis.

A diploma will be awarded upon the completion of ALL required work according to the Academic Projection and the state of Georgia.

Every senior must submit a senior term paper on "Christian Education and What It Means to Me” and present a speech before an appropriate audience.

B. Students must have completed 18 College Preparatory credits at G.C.A. to qualify for Valedictorian or Salutatorian. A student must complete all subjects in the G.C.A. College Preparatory program—whether completed at G.C.A or another institution. The College Preparatory Course Description is as follows:

Algebra I
Algebra II

English I 
English II
English III
English IV or College English

Social Studies
World History
American History

Physical Science
Physics or Science Research

2-Years Foreign Language

For all students qualified, Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be calculated in accordance with the following ordered factors:

1. Grade Point Average on a 4-point scale
2. Number of Rigor/College courses
3. Each College course will be weighted by either ½ point on the 4-point scale or 5 points on the 100% scale—but not both.

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