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The academic programs of Grace Christian Academy are designed with the individual student in mind. It is our goal to treat every student as God created them—as an individual. Students enrolling will be required to take an assessment test. The testing is formulated to provide an adequate diagnoses of the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. Achievement test scores for most students attending Grace Christian Academy for more than one year are above the national average. Every academic course is taught with Biblical principles integrated into the curriculum.



Our Kindergarten class utilizes the Accelerated Kindergarten with Ace and Christi and ABeka curricula. The primary academic objective in the kindergarten class is mastery of phonics. It is our goal to promote our K-5 students to First Grade only after they have mastered the phonics rules and blends of the English language. While developing reading skills, our kindergarteners are also challenged in Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Additionally, we place an emphasis on the recognition and development of each child's social and fine motor skills.

Elementary and Junior High — 1st - 8th Grade

The curricula utilized in elementary and junior high are accelerated to exceed national standards. Students are prescribed challenging material in numerous fields of subject matter. The courses are intensive and formulated to develop each student's critical thinking skills and study habits. Students are motivated to efficiently accomplish much of their work at school; minimizing the need for large amounts of homework.

High School — 9th - 12th Grade

Our high school curriculum offers a full college preparatory program. Our high school courses and credits are recognized by the state of Georgia, the Academic Affairs Office of the University System of Georgia for admission of students into state universities, the Georgia Student Finance Commission, HOPE scholarship program, as well as the NCAA.  Our college preparatory students are also eligible to participate in the ACCEL program.  This program allows qualified juniors and seniors to take college-level courses through Truett-McConnell College.  Students engaged in this program will earn college credit while completing their high school requirements for graduation.

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