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A man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.  Proverbs 17:27


1. Student Handbook must have been read by parents and child(ren).

2. An interview will be scheduled with the parent(s) and child(ren).

3. Diagnostic testing will be required for all new applicants, and must be
completed prior to an admission’s decision.

4. Admission decision is made by the Administration.

5. Upon acceptance parents must fill out appropriate Application Packet to complete enrollment.

6. All families will be given a reasonable period of time (usually one week) in

which to complete and return forms. Any student who fails to return the appropriate forms in the prescribed time period, will not be allowed to return to class until all forms are completed and returned.




Students are selected for admission based on the following criteria (in addition to the meeting of all requirements listed on the application form):

1. First preference is given to returning students. There shall be a re-enrollment period (February 15th - 28th). Currently-enrolled students, who do not enroll during this period, are not guaranteed acceptance for the following school year. No student has a right for re-enrollment. All applications for re-enrollment are approved at the sole discretion of the school's administration.

2. Second preference is given to students who are transferring from another Christian school.

3. When applications exceed the number of available places, administration will give preference to those applicants who can demonstrate the greatest Christian commitment (through activities such as church attendance and participation, family relationships, etc.), giving consideration to test scores and previous academic achievement.

4. The administration reserves the right to make exceptions to this selection policy and an exception for one is not meant to mean an exception for any other.

5. The Admission consideration shall the in the sole discretion of the Principal.


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