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Thank you for your interest in Grace Christian Academy and your commitment to Christian education. Grace Christian Academy is committed to training the young people of today with the technology of tomorrow in the values for eternity. The primary goal of G.C.A. is to bring every student to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior. It is our belief that a person cannot be prepared to be a success in life until he or she is prepared for eternity. It is required that our families and students maintain an active relationship of attendance in a church that believes the Bible to be God's Word.


The purpose of this Christian School is to provide a quality education for our children as an extension of the Christian home. This is not a school to reform or correct inappropriate behaviors and attitudes, whether they are a result of problems in the home environment or a result of negative school and peer influences. Attendance at this school is a privilege, not a right.

The purpose to which we commit is that the children entrusted to our care will learn true love for God, and that they will come to a full understanding and appreciation for what it means to live as Christians in America. We will teach about America's Christian heritage and the qualities that have made her people great. A high priority will be given to having respect for those in authority, for obedience to law, and for self-discipline.


Grace Christian Academy is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and by School of Tomorrow. Both of these organizations have been recognized by the Georgia department of education. GAC has the approval of the academic affairs office of the university system of Georgia for admission of students into state universities. GAC is also recognized by the Georgia student finance commission and the HOPE scholarship program.


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