Grace Christian Academy

Training Tomorrow's Leaders Today


In 1980 Grace Christian Academy opened in Conyers, Georgia for the purpose of training young people academically and in the principles of God's Word in an environment void of secular humanism. Since its inception in 1980, Grace Christian Academy has established a reputation of excellence in moral and educational standards.  Many of our graduates have excelled to successful ministries and careers.  Currently G.C.A. Alumni serve as pastors, missionaries, school teachers, school principals, police officers, military servicemen, military officers, dental assistants, medical assistants, office managers, and business leaders.  We give God the praise for the marvelous works He has accomplished and will continue to perform. 



Founder and Administrator--Thom E. Allen Ph.D., Ed.
Principal--Tim D. Allen M.A., Ed.



Grace Christian Academy has degreed teachers and trained paraprofessionals  who work with the students. The staff is proficient in the higher level Math, Science, and Language areas needed to maintain a rigorous college preparatory program.

It is a requirement that all staff have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that they live in such a way so as to reflect Christ, and that they have a concern for the souls of their students, as well as their academic development. God has blessed Grace Christian Academy with a staff dedicated to meeting the emotional, academic, and Spiritual needs of each individual student.  The administration and staff hold the Biblical philosophy that each individual child is a unique creation requiring instructional techniques tailored to the individual student's needs.

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